It is important to have a good logo for the company as the log is associated with the entire business.

What is a good logo?

It is usually said that a logo is a company’s face outward. A good logo should therefore convey the company name in a good and easy way. A thoughtful logo attracts new customers. Here are some guidelines for creating a good logo

  • It should be simple
  • Easy to remember
  • Work without color
  • Maintain equally good quality in both small and large format
  • Relevant to your industry
  • Match the company’s graphical profile

Our own logo

Visualiser is our brand that is related to visualization and visualization, which is what our industry is all about. How you perceive and perceive the internet is important in order to attract new customers. Our logo is “Visualiser” with a magnifying glass that reflects what we work with: to be seen on the Internet and to search engine optimization (SEO). The log is easy to remember for our customers and reflects our business.

The price depends on the scope of the work, is it a simpler or more extensive project? Prices start from $ 2,000 up to $ 10,000. Contact us for cost suggestions and for more information.

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